Michelle Walters-Seibold
Artist, Designer, Producer, Director
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Since the release of her first commercial album, as part of Invisible Records
recording artists 'Voodou', Michelle has more than maintained her presence
in the entertainment industry. She has since recorded and or toured as a
member of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Pigface, Chris
Connelly, Voodou,
Hanzel und Gretyl, Super Sport and Americlone. Throughout her career she
has continued to expand her talents and audience by exploring new and
diverse styles
of music. A self taught singer/multi- instrumentalist, she
maintains a rigorous schedule with several project at once. Currently
performing and recording a second album with Super Sport, Michelle will
be essentially involved in the release of four albums in 2006.

A photographer and graphic designer, Michelle has created album artwork
and imagery for several commercial titles including the forthcoming debut
album of Chapterville and the Damage Manual's Limited Edition. Extensive
photo-diaries were transferred to DVD for the United 1 Tour documentary.
Also, a talented artist image consultant, Michelle has an uncanny ability
to capture the mood and essence of an artists expression.

Walters involvement with Uniform Media has provided her the creative
opportunity to film, edit and direct music videos, write and co-produce
records, and be a part of a growing network of talented, ambitious people
like herself.